Holualoa | Part 1

Lifestyle photography Holualoa Hawaii
Historic Holualoa Japanese Cemetary
Kona Hotel by A Kind of Love photography
Lifestyle photography at Holuakoa Cafe in Holualoa
Hawaii Film Photography in Holualoa

I have been blessed to call this quiet mountainside town my home for a little over four years now. It’s a beautiful place to raise kids and I’m so glad we made the move. I don’t see us living anywhere else now (well, besides back in my hometown of Hilo).

It’s hard to believe that these photos were taken last November. I had plans on blogging them back then but never got around to it. About a month ago I was contacted by Country Living to see if I could share one of my favorite hole-in-the-wall spots on the island for their online web series, Country Living Across America. Today the little blurb went live so I figured what better time to crawl out of hibernation and do a post! If you feel so inclined, take a little moment to read it here.

Now, I’m off to cuddle up with my warm cup of coffee before heading out to work on the farm!

live with aloha


A Kind of Love Photography for Little Tidbits Hawaii

It’s hard to believe that fall is officially here. It seems that the summer went by in the blink of an eye. And while living in Hawai‘i does not expose you to extreme changes in climate/weather to alert you of the new season, the subtle changes you do feel makes me happy. I always find that it’s the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and start anew.

This past summer brought many changes in our home. Changes that has allowed me more time to develop/dream/achieve some of the things I have put on hold since having the bunny. As we step into fall, I hope to bring some of these dreams to fruition. After months of contemplating whether or not I wanted to go back to work and shoot (for myself as a business) again, I came to realization that the answer is yes, I totally do.

So now I am taking baby steps back into the business – starting with a new name, A Kind of Love. I have been sitting on this name change for well over a year, and I am so excited to start sharing some of my work that I haven’t published because of it. I’ve started a simple blog to tide me over while I wait for a new website. You can view that blog here: A Kind of Love the Blog. I aim to keep if strictly business over there, with the more fun, family/crafts orientated stuff here on Little Tidbits. With the bunny + my big boy in school during the day, my to-do list seems much more manageable and I’ve been able to squeeze in way more craft time (more on that coming soon!). I hope to post a little more frequently here + there in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

live with aloha